Nonwoven Technologies for Diverse Applications

About us

Changing Perceptions of Nonwoven Technology, One Innovative Product at a Time

As part of the Fiberweb® family, one of the world’s largest, leading suppliers of high performance speciality nonwoven fabrics, Fiberweb Technical Nonwovens provides durable, flexible and value-added solutions for both industrial and consumer-based products.  With major operations in North America, Europe and Asia, Fiberweb Technical Nonwovens has the resources to meet customers' individual needs on a global scale.

From furnishings and industrial apparel to composite airplane wings and aerospace packaging, our innovative technology yields nonwoven fabrics for even the most diverse applications.  Using a variety of mechanical, thermal and chemical bonding processes, our nonwoven products can be customized to meet strict performance requirements.   


Innovative technology to meet market demands

Market focused, customer supported and process driven, we're dedicated to providing innovative products that meet long-term customer needs.  Our customers reap the benefits of the leading edge production processes that are pioneered by Fiberweb Technical Nonwovens.  The team at Fiberweb Technical Nonwovens channels this innovative spirit as we work with each customer to develop solutions that meet the performance demands of their unique products and applications.   
We've invested more than $20 million in a 35,000 sq. ft., state-of-the-art R&D facility in Old Hickory, Tenn. Built on Fiberweb's unique Reemay® and Typar® technologies, we're continuing to incorporate new advances in extrusion, web forming and fiber spinning with a flexible production line designed to handle a variety of projects, from small batch to high volume, for a quicker product introduction and scale-up path.
With more than 235 years of combined experience in our U.S. research and development team, Technical Nonwovens uses a disciplined framework for product development focused on the voice of our customers. We develop and adapt production processes to create nonwoven solutions tailored to core product requirements.
Visit our Nonwovens Advantage page to learn more about how Fiberweb Technical Nonwoven's commitment to R&D benefits our customers.