Nonwoven Technologies for Diverse Applications

The Nonwoven Advantage

Nonwoven fabrics are among the most versatile materials on the market today.  Unlike other fabrics and substrates that are made by knitting, weaving or other processes, Fiberweb’s® advanced technologies ensure that our nonwoven fabrics are engineered to meet the strict performance demands of our customers’ diverse applications.


A dynamic, value-added alternative

Nonwoven fabrics are a dynamic, value-added alternative to more traditional materials.  With nonwoven technology, fabrics can be designed to take on an array of characteristics that other materials simply cannot match, including:

  • Greater strength per basis weight than competing fabrics
  • High levels of uniformity
  • Form holding in the Z direction
  • High tear and tensile strength
  • Dimensional stability
  • Consistency in high temperature applications
  • Application-specific engineering
  • Ability to form composites for advanced performance


Solutions for any industry

The diverse nature of our products makes nonwoven fabrics viable for use in just about any industry.  In fact, you will be surprised to see just how prevalent they are.  Many of our customers have switched to a nonwoven fabric from a competing technology because they have found inherent benefits, not only to their products, but also to their processes. Fiberweb Technical Nonwovens can benefit your production process through:

  • Fabric solutions that improve the efficiency of your process
  • Custom product development
  • Converting capabilities
  • High- and low-volume production runs