Nonwoven Technologies for Diverse Applications
Speciality Nonwoven Application

Speciality Packaging

Specialty packaging encompasses a wide variety of end uses, but they are all linked by a common goal – how to most efficiently store and transport a product safely to its intended destination.  In order to be competitive with ever-rising transportation costs, packaging designers look to the low weight, high strength of Fiberweb® nonwovens in developing their next-generation designs.  Applications include:


  • Breathable bags for powdered products
  • Durable separator sheets used to separate layers of product during palletized shipping
  • Envelopes and file folders
  • Flower wrap
  • Hazmat transportation
  • Insulated blankets used in transporting goods
  • Medical Packaging
  • System / 3-D packaging



Fiberweb nonwovens are strong and tear- and puncture-resistant at a low basis weight, and they can be die-cut with a clean edge. Nonwovens made with continuous fibers are unlikely to ravel or fray. Fiberweb manufactures nonwovens that are printable and are an excellent substrate for coatings. Other nonwovens manufactured by Fiberweb are water repellent, helping to protect the items being shipped.  Whether you need stiffness for a honeycomb cellular design or softness to protect a fine-finished part, Fiberweb can deliver the right packaging solution.


Uses in specialty packaging

Bale wrap, breathable bags, separator sheets, envelopes and file folders, flower wrap, hazmat transport aids, industrial bags, insulating materials and metal wrap.


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