Nonwoven Technologies for Diverse Applications
Pointbond Polyethylene

Fiberweb Pointbond Polyethylene

Fiberweb has a long history and expertise in tailoring polyethylene spunbond fabrics to meet the needs of the end-use application.


Fiberweb® Pointbond Polyethylene Advantages

  • Physical characteristics  Fiberweb Pointbond Polyethylene nonwovens have high elongation values, providing a certain amount of stretch to the fabric.  They are also soft and noiseless, two properties especially critical in medical applications, and have intrinsically good UV resistance.
  • Finishing options  Fiberweb Pointbond Polyethylene has a lower melting point than fabrics made of other polymers, giving them a smooth surface and excellent bonding in laminated products.  They can be treated for hydrophilicity and can be produced in a wide range of colors.