Nonwoven Technologies for Diverse Applications

DiamondWeb™ Pointbond Polyester

DiamondWeb Pointbond Polyester nonwovens offer the advantages of polyester in a more flexible, drapable fabric.  These nonwovens have directional strength and a high heat resistance. 


DiamondWeb Pointbond Polyester Advantages

  • Resistance  DiamondWeb Pointbonded Nonwovens have good chemical, heat, wrinkle, mildew and abrasion resistance.

  • Characteristics  Polyester nonwovens offer high strength at a low weight. They are easy to process, have good electrical properties and are able to retain heat-set pleats. Easily washed, they are crisp and resilient when wet or dry.  DiamondWeb Pointbond Polyester fabrics are perfect when softness and hand are critical.