Nonwoven Technologies for Diverse Applications

Fiberweb Carded

Fiberweb® Carded nonwovens are characterized by a high degree of flexibility with respect to the selection of fibers, bonding technologies and process conditions. In combination, this flexibility allows Fiberweb to develop custom carded fabrics that meet our customers' specific application requirements.


Carded Advantages 

  • Aligned fibers  In a carded nonwoven, the fibers in the web are aligned predominantly in the machine direction, which can be an advantage in some applications. Fiberweb can blend different types of fibers, including multiple layers, allowing the end user some control over the fabric’s specifications.
  • Strength and stability  Fiberweb Carded nonwovens have a more uniform fiber alignment than other nonwovens, which results in greater stability and internal bond strength. The bonding technique chosen influences the fabric’s integrity.
  • Variety of fibers  Synthetic, natural and recycled fibers in a wide range of deniers can be used.