Nonwoven Technologies for Diverse Applications

Fiberweb Meltblown

Fiberweb® Meltblown Nonwovens are formed from fibers that are smaller in denier (usually measured on the order of microns) than those found in other nonwovens or textiles.  Meltblowns are a valuable component in a variety of composite applications.


Fiberweb Meltblown Advantages

  • Filament characteristics  The microfibers in Fiberweb Meltblown Nonwovens have a smooth surface texture and a circular cross-section, providing a high surface area for excellent insulation, softness and filtration characteristics.
  • Meltblowns in composites  Most meltblowns are combined with other nonwovens because of their low to moderate web strength. The end results are different types of nonwoven composites with more of a traditional textile feel, while still providing functional performance.  Fiberweb can manufacture custom laminated meltblown composites to your specifications.