Nonwoven Technologies for Diverse Applications
Reemay Spunbond Polyester Advantage

Reemay® Spunbond Polyester

Reemay fabrics are used in numerous demanding applications where the inert properties of polyester are needed. Available in a variety of weights, Reemay spunbond polyester is chosen for superior strength, stiffness, purity and uniformity.


The Reemay Spunbond Polyester Advantage

  • Continuous trilobal fibers  Trilobal fibers provide more bonding area than round fibers, resulting in superior strength per unit weight. They also ensure a flatter web and greater stiffness for improved coating performance and aesthetic uniformity. Because of its continuous filaments, Reemay fabrics are excellent for cutting and slitting. Fiber migration, raveling or fraying are unlikely.
  • Proprietary mechanical draw.  The unique mechanical draw process used in manufacturing Reemay provides consistent fiber diameters and web uniformity. Most spunbond processes use air-draw to attenuate fibers, which causes variation in the fiber diameter and results in a less-uniform web.
  • Through-air bonding and flat bonding.  Reemay technology eliminates the need to point-bond, which means no points to restrict airflow or impart a pattern. This characteristic makes Reemay spunbond ideal for coating, laminating and printing or for other applications where a smooth surface is required.
  • Dual-polyester system.  The Reemay process is a co-polymer system. This enables lighter weight fabrics with superior bond strength, flatness and stiffness, and also aids in the elimination of point bonding. There are no solvents or chemical binders, eliminating the risk for contaminants to leach out. Reemay fabrics are thermally and ultrasonically sealable.