Nonwoven Technologies for Diverse Applications

Custom Product Development

Customized Nonwoven Development

Custom product and application development is a core strength of Fiberweb® Technical Nonwovens. Our unique combination of high-tech facilities, internal resources and process management enable us to engineer customized nonwoven fabrics that consistently exceed expectations.


Stage-Gate Process

At Fiberweb, we follow the Stage-Gate Process for new product development. Stage-Gate is a disciplined roadmap designed to move a new product from conceptualization to the launch. By adhering to this process and incorporating “gates” at each of the major milestones, Fiberweb ensures cross-functional alignment with our customers, allowing the process to be centered on their voice from beginning to end.


custom product developmentResearch and Development Team

Fiberweb’s global research and development teams have the technical expertise to deliver product performance that meets our customer's needs and increases competitiveness within their specific market. When working with Fiberweb to manufacture a customized nonwoven fabric, more than 235 years of combined technical expertise will be utilized to deliver results.


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